The Pond Or The Bait?

So in my last post I described a new venture that I was embarking on but I was pretty vague about it. But here is the gist. I was running an ad campaign to super target people looking for skincare. Then I would use a landing page to funnel tho leads to a number of medspas in the area. And... Well... the idea was great but now I have two major questions. First, Am I using the right bait? Maybe a super targeted lead generation business is harder to start than I thought,…continue reading →

Proving The Concept

I know that we all have ideas. These ideas are more or less like little tadpoles swimming around in the grey matter between our ears. They haven't grown legs, they are headed in a million different directions, and the all desperately want to get out of the pond and into the real world. My ideas are not any different, but some are a bit more promising than others. You can kinda feel the difference, and this is usually the potential to make money. My latest idea was essentially create a lead gen business…continue reading →

Starting Something New

Starting something new has to be the one thing that everyone wants to do, but no one really does. Even people that are good at what they do hardly jump out there and really try to go it alone. I get it, it is scary. But that is precisely the reason why I am doing it. I want to literally put my money where my mouth is and start a lead generation business. I have identified a market, I know how to create a webpage, and I know the services that I need…continue reading →

Communicating Across Departments

All departments speak their own language, and they often times don’t see eye to eye on ideas even when they are working for the same goal. As designers, we need to be aware of this. There are a whole host of business reasons to not go through with that "new experience" that you or your team cooked up. But you can help to defeat those objections and gain team alignment if you know how to communicate to each other. We all hear the languages that our fellow departments speak. Opportunity, framework, expense, structure,…continue reading →

Is This Meaningful?

The interesting thing about social media companies is that everything that they do is used for more than one purpose. They want you to post great content so that people on the platform can enjoy great content. But they also want you to share great content. And deeper still they want to be able to tell your contacts that you posted something. Then your contacts get a notification that gets them to come back in to the platform. Is this a sneaky way of doing business? Not really and I think it is…continue reading →

Lets Create Momentum

In the age of behance, and dribbble it can be hard to see anything but really impressive work. Sometimes I look at designer's portfolios in awe. They are gorgeous and thoughtful and show hard work in a simple way. How could anyone just starting out not be intimidated by that? You never realize how your skills develop over time. For most of us, skills develop in organic ways. You take on a side project that pushes you to learn something new. Then a close client might ask you to do a favor for…continue reading →

Limitations vs. Constraints

This week I had the immense pleasure to attend the San Diego 48 Hour Film Festival. This was my first time attending and it was amazing the amount of work that these teams accomplished in such a short amount of time. But as I was sitting there I couldn't help but notice how some directors approached story telling in different ways. Some used extravagant cars and planes and locations, others used special effects and the latest technology. And still others used simple narratives and straight forward videography. Even though I commend all of…continue reading →

An Executive’s Decision

What happens if you know that your company could instantly increase conversions by a million a year, but you know that most of your valued employees will be upset and potentially leave the company. What would you do? Would you stay calm and find options to find something that would satisfy both parties, business goals and your employees? Would you implement the changes in the meantime or wait until the team is in alignment? Optimization managers have to make decisions like this all the time when testing ideas. It is a good idea…continue reading →

Approach with Caution

So I have had the opportunity to work in various areas in design and have gotten to work on a wide range of projects. Each project had been requested and proposals have been written and work had been approved to get started. And then the work starts and the designers design and the clients try to get more of what they want, and the company tries to get paid more for giving it to them and everything needs to be on a tight and rigorous deadline. This is how every company I have…continue reading →