an image of a london matcha to go cup and cookies

About the Project

London Matcha ltd is a grab and go tea company that specializes in Matcha flavored drinks for the weary London traveler. The goal for this business is to set up pop-up shops around the London underground and provide a healthy alternative to commuters. Although they had a proven recipes for the drinks, they needed an identity that customers could get behind. My goal for this project was to provide a basic branding system of marks, colors, typefaces and photographs that would help this start-up craft an image around their business.

Company Information

Owner: Nicole Curbbun
Established: 2015
Main Services: London Matcha provides drinks and food items to people walking past on their way in or out of the Metro System.
Future services: London Matcha would also like to provide bulk tea items, bags, cups and accessories.
Client Input: We are thinking simplistic and contemporary and should reflect the natural/health focused nature of the product. Colours: green, natural (cardboard box colour), white and grey maybe but open to suggestions. — Nicole

Visual Goals

image of early logo concepts

The goals for this project seemed to be very clear. The mark for this company needed to tie together a bit of London with the heritage of Japanese Matcha tea. London is a city that has so many iconic reminders that it was hard to focus on just a few. I decided that it was best to focus on classic London icons such as the boulder hat, London Bridge, Union Jack, and classic English tea. As for the Matcha half of the company, I though it would be best to focus on the tea leaf or utensils since Matcha is typically in powder form. I really was inspired by the tea utensils and how there was almost a ritual around making Matcha.

Logo Development

Final logos for London Matcha

The client was drawn to the London Tower Bridge over the Matcha cup concept after seeing the initial logos. I then created some variations for them to use and applied color.

image of the main pages from the style guide

The style guide documents the thinking behind the logo, type treatment and color choices in a useable, understandable way. I also included usage rules and guidelines for choosing photography with examples of each.


Image of London website mockup

Last, but certainly not least, I mocked up a responsive website. This is meant to be an inspirational piece, showing all parts of their brand coming together to create a cohesive feeling.