this is a close up of the BioXp 3200

About this Project

Synthetic Genomics, a biomedical company here in San Diego, asked DDSTUDIO to help them bring a new product to market. This product is the BioXp 3200. This is a DNA Sequencing machine that automates a lot of long and tedious tasks that the lab technician would normally have to do. The scope of my part in this project was to create visual concepts around what the user interface could be.

User Information

Name: James Gilman
Occupation: Laboratory researcher
Age: 37
Goals in using the interface: James wants to select his experiment file on the machine and start processing his samples.
Tools or devices: James only uses the device touchscreen to communicate with the BioXp 3200.
Prior Experience: James has extensive knowledge of the processes that will be occurring inside the machine but none of his other equipment share the system on this machine. Yet he does own an iphone and is familiar with various types of touch interactions.

User Observation

James is a busy researcher. He has various experiment samples that he is trying to process with his other colleagues in the lab. Since the experiments can take up to 2 days, there is always a wait to use the machine. The machine is in constant use, so being able to see from a distance what state the machine is in is important to him. He also wants to be able to plan ahead. Seeing the stop time for an experiment is extremely helpful.

Visual Inspiration

picture of out visual inspiration for the project

This is the visual inspiration that was used to create the hardware for the machine. The client wanted to continue using this as a foundation for the User Interface. As you can see, there is a strong use of geometric shapes and hard edges. Many of these shapes imply forward motion. There is also a lot of transparent elements and lighting effects. These elements come together to create a very futuristic, sleek, and sharp feeling that the interface needs to also produce.

Wire Frames

this is a picture of the BioXp 3200 UI

The structure of this User Interface is centered around a progress bar and the information that is attached to each step in the process. The setup menu is a spinner style menu. This allows for an infinite number of menu items that can be queued and selected. It is important to note that this menu is populated by the company that preps the sample tubes.

Visual Design

image of the final visuals for the project

The visuals are focused on vibrant color and that will pop out from the dead from screen on the hardware. Angular shapes provide positive motion on the user interface and offer areas that can be animated. The transparencies give the BioXp 3200 a futuristic look and feel.


This is the Bio XP 3200 system

The BioXp 3200 has recently been released by Synthetic Genomics. This machine is positioned to be the flagship product for their child company SGI-DNA.
More information can be found here.