Scanning vaccines in to Accuvax

About the Project

TruMed asked DDSTUDIO to help design and develop a vaccine refrigeration unit that will track and report temperatures, inventories, and transactions of vaccines. On top of that, the unit will automatically notify an administrator if inventories are low or if they will be expiring soon. This machine not only provides a safe way to store vaccines, but also give the tools small clinics need to properly care for their vaccine supply.

My task on the project was to help concept and create the User Interface for the machine. This process took from user research through user flows to wireframes and final artwork that I then handed off to the developer.

User Information

Name: Ashley Brown
Occupation: Nurse in a small clinic
Age: 32
Goals in using the interface: Load, manage and dispense vaccines quickly and easily.
Tools or devices: The TruMed touchscreen interface
Prior Experience: The only touchscreen device that the nurse is experienced in is a smartphone. She understands that buttons trigger actions and expects that tapping into a touch field will bring up a keyboard that will hide part of the screen. She is also confident that the feedback that she is seeing on the screen is actually taking place.

User Observation

Nurses are extremely busy and are usually trying to accomplish multiple tasks at once. They are balancing the cognitive load of the patient data and remembering each required documentation that needs to be done for each action they might take. They are moving from room to room gathering data and samples and prepping the rooms for the next patient. We also noticed that many wore glasses.

We realized how important it was for the nurse to move through the interface quickly, and that the input information needed be clear. She didn’t want to get stuck and have to go back. She needed the interface to be as easy and quick as opening a refrigerator door.

This information was gathered from video research done by Merck.

Visual Inspiration

visual inspiration and hardware

The client wanted the product to feel soft and smooth. They gravitated toward images that felt light or weightless. The colors were soft, they didn’t want anyone element to shout. Instead they wanted a comfortable, friendly, cool environment. As you can see the hardware also had that look and feel.

Wire Frames

sketches and wireframes for the trumed accuvax

The structure for this User Interface is centered a “conversation” between the nurse and the machine. Large, inviting typography gently prompts the nurse as to what action needs to be fulfilled in every step of the Interface. This helps the nurse navigate quickly and with confidence, but also allows them to easily find their place if they are distracted. Actions can be quickly learned. Also breaking up the interface into small quick steps reduced the cognitive load on each screen.

Visual Design

this is an annimation of the dispense sequence

The Visual style is monochromatic. Keeping the colors cool and soft create a light and calm feeling. I also included a drop shadows that provide a sense of depth to the interface.


TruMed Accuvax won a 2014 GOOD DESIGN Award award and is making big news in the vaccine management market. You can learn more about this product at

2014 GOOD DESIGN Award is here but at the time of this writing they have the wrong product displayed.