I know that we all have ideas. These ideas are more or less like little tadpoles swimming around in the grey matter between our ears. They haven’t grown legs, they are headed in a million different directions, and the all desperately want to get out of the pond and into the real world. My ideas are not any different, but some are a bit more promising than others. You can kinda feel the difference, and this is usually the potential to make money. My latest idea was essentially create a lead gen business that mirror the one that I currently do full time. The only difference is that is was on a much smaller scale and in a completely different industry.

I am not sure that I am going to describe in detail what I am doing just yet, but the basics are this. The industry has a constant need for clients, these clients are willing to pay a high price per service because they usually have no idea what the margin on the product actually is. So high demand mixed with a high price point and a large margin equals the perfect place for a lead gen company. But this is where the tadpole really wants to go in a thousand directions.

It could be a massive online directory, where people search and find and convert. Or it could be a geo targeted super dynamic page that is generated mostly from where the user is in the world. Or is could be this, or this, or that. At this point is where most people get stuck. They want to do to much all at the start. This is where I was and I was unknowingly swimming in the wrong direction. Fortunately, I have a sounding board to help me through this.

You need a sounding board. You need someone to tell you that you might be looking to far ahead. You need someone that says to you “That sounds like that will cost 50K, why dont you just try something like this instead.” These are the people that you need in your life. People that know a thing or two about the industry that you are getting into. People that you can ask, how much time is needed? How much do you think something like that will cost? How many people will it take to run this end of the business? These are questions that you need to get out in front of. Just thinking that everyone will hand you what you need because you are buddies is a bad way to go. It is better to have a sounding board, in a couple of hours you can talk your way to your MVP over a couple of beers.

At this point I know what the start looks like, but there is still a looming amount of work and no one but me is going to do it. This is the biggest hurdle to me. Just getting started. Just pair down everything so that you can see how you are going to do the work. Don’t meet with a ton of people because you are waiting for someone to jump in with you. Do just enough to get started and then get started. You need momentum and knocking out an MVP is a great way to get the ball rolling.

Written by Steve Erro

I am a designer that is interested in how design, humans, and business interact with one another. I currently live and work in San Diego.

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