Starting something new has to be the one thing that everyone wants to do, but no one really does. Even people that are good at what they do hardly jump out there and really try to go it alone. I get it, it is scary. But that is precisely the reason why I am doing it. I want to literally put my money where my mouth is and start a lead generation business. I have identified a market, I know how to create a webpage, and I know the services that I need to make it work. This is what I do for work everyday and I am good at it when there is a big company to hide behind. The problem is that something new is often times, something alone.

This is the problem that I am facing now. I have my idea, and me, and that is it. I know that I can hack together a webpage. I know where to buy hosting, and where to get call tracking numbers and how to create an MVP. But this is a new feeling when it is not the team at work that I am doing this with. I do have a few mentors that will offer advice but at this point are busy with their own projects and side projects and partnerships. Most of my friends are moving on other opportunities in other spaces. We all want to see each other succeed but we don’t have a ton of extra time to help take on a big chunk of work.

So this is how it starts, and I am going to document my process and experience as I go through this in hopes that you, the reader, might learn something from my journey. Will it be a success? Not sure, but I know that it is best to learn by trying. So follow along as I grow my skill set and share my new venture with you.

Written by Steve Erro

I am a designer that is interested in how design, humans, and business interact with one another. I currently live and work in San Diego.

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