So in my last post I described a new venture that I was embarking on but I was pretty vague about it. But here is the gist. I was running an ad campaign to super target people looking for skincare. Then I would use a landing page to funnel tho leads to a number of medspas in the area. And… Well… the idea was great but now I have two major questions.

First, Am I using the right bait? Maybe a super targeted lead generation business is harder to start than I thought, but I only know that because I tried. I am currently placing this ad campaign on hold. I need to know more about what drives someone to buy skincare, where are they, and what do they value in terms of treatment and marketing. This is something that I am hoping to take some time over the next few months an research to see if there is something that I am blindly missing. I have let the initial campaign run for a few months with minimal interest from the internet. I have enough data to support my decision. I think that I have too broad of an approach with not enough content to support it. I will test this hypothesis and hopefully retool and restart the campaign during the first of the year.

Second, am I in the right pond? Just because you have a line in the water doesn’t make the fish jump in the boat. Just because you throw ads out there doesn’t mean that you can just sit back and watch the money roll in. There has to be something of substance on the landing page that makes the visitor want to click, call, or convert. I will be testing this concept out with another lead gen idea in a different industry. I a looking to partner with someone to help me generate relevant content that I can promote.

With this next venture, I am looking to see if the same types of problem occur. Right now, there are just too many variables to rule out the idea as good or bad. What I do know is that it currently is not working and more work needs to be done. Stay tuned to the next adventure.

Written by Steve Erro

I am a designer that is interested in how design, humans, and business interact with one another. I currently live and work in San Diego.

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